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Support Malala PTO

How donations will benefit your student(s):






To see the entire budget, please email:


  • 100% money raised goes back to Malala students and staff

  • Confidential donation is 100% tax deductible

  • Voting rights at PTO General membership meetings

  • Nothing to sell!

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Three ways to support Malala

We are looking to partner with local businesses in the area!


Since a large portion of your community has ties to our school (either as parents, students, or staff), a business would gain a lot of value from our steadfast partnership.


All partnerships make a huge difference in our efforts to better serve the community.

All the money raised goes directly to supporting MYE's academic excellence.


The majority of the funding will support enrichment programs that the school administration proposes.


Your support makes us meet the goal to provide beyond what the district provides.

We have many volunteer needs and opportunities this year at MYE. 


There are jobs that need to be done in school as well as outside the school. 


We have long term projects as well as short term volunteer opportunities.  Any bit of time you can give to the school makes a huge difference for our kids!

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